RC Group Co., Ltd Receiveds International Purchase Order for 100 thousand LED Bulbs

2012-05-29 00:00

RC Group Co., Ltd ReceivesIntentional purchase order for 100 million LEDbulbsRC Group Co., Ltd Company today announced that it has received an Intentional Purchase Order with an estimated value of 2.5 million RMB that will be anexclusive contract.

RC Group Co., Ltd Company has been developing a new LED bulb to replace the 60 Watt Bulb; Global Retailers and two of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers have shown interest in the LED project.The LED industry is awaiting further news to be released later this year. "RC Group Co., Ltd Company is currently seeking investors for the project".RC Group Co., Ltd Company recently made a name for itself designing the MR16 light with the patent which is now being produced by a SZ manufacturer and sold in stores globally.  RC Group Co., Ltd Company Produces Commercial and Consumer Lighting T Bars, LED LightPanels, Global LED Bulbs, Candle LED Bulbs, Par 38Estar’s LED’s are dimmable and can use with existing dimming fixtures and systems